Our main activity is the production of rubber coated, the executives and staff 10-15 during the year, learn different szakcégeknél developed technologies to acquire.

At first, German and Austrian business leaders we have worked, but for a long time the Italian company to obtain Geas Tamburini, which is available in lágygumi and elővulkanizált, and also in any medium hard rubber coatings.

Gumizási work performed quality control instrument test (hardness test, szikrainduktoros test) will.

Our activity covers the following structures Gumizási:

  • Road and rail tankers
  • tanks (1 M3-5000 m3)
  • concrete flower pots
  • flue gas desulphurisation plant chimneys
  • ventilátorházak
  • spindles
  • tubes up to NA500-NA20

The gumizás is a prerequisite for a properly prepared, cleaned-up interface, by sand, or fémszemcse-spray and korundozással achieved, which we have serious machine park:

  • high-performance gasoline-powered and electric screw compressors
  • apparatuses sand-blasting equipment
  • extraction units

In places, where it is not allowed in the sand blasting, We use a high pressure washer felülettisztításra.


  • Ermewa Sa, Truong Huu-Rail Gestion EAGLE – attaching elastic bands to the railway containers
  • Ventifilt Plc. – blower housing attaching elastic bands
  • Borsodchem Plc. – 500,1000 M3 and 2000 M3 tanks
  • Budapest power plant Ltd.-Újpest power plant hideggáztalanító tanks
  • Sarpi Dorog – füstgázkéntelenítő chimney